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Once the customer(s) has determined the day(s) for their booking, a booking deposit of %50 is required to confirm the booking slot. A security deposit of $5000.00 per unit will be required for any/all rental units. The security deposit will be refunded upon safe return and inspection of any/all rental units.


Once confirmed, the customer will be required to submit and sign off for all legal terms and conditions, and rental agreements with RPR, in order to rent any unit. If the customer does not sign off on this document, then their booking will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.


Day of rental, the client and /or driver will need to provide a valid drivers license with a minimum G rating, in order to rent from RPR. Payment in full will be required no later than [15] days prior to rental date as well as the  security deposit of $5000.00. If payment in full is not received, then the customer will forfeit their rental and the booking deposit will be withheld.


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Riot Powersport Rentals is a SxS rental service that was founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.


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